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Founders Brewing Company

KBS (2012)

Posted by Kyle
Founders KBS
2012 batch, from a 12 oz. bottle, served in a tulip glass
RateBeer: 100 / Beer Advocate: 100 / Untappd: 4.5 caps

First off, let me apologize for my absence. It’s rather tough to post without a computer. But I finally got a new one, so I’m back. In a big way. KAY. BEE. ESS.


Black as oil with a thin khaki head.


Lots of cocoa and sweetness, balanced with just a touch of coffee roast.


Thick and smooth. Really full body.


Miraculous. Can I say miraculous? Chocolate, coffee, bourbon, roasty malts. Oak at just the right times. Vanilla undertones throughout, but not extremely noticeable. Not boozy in the mouth, but a little in the stomach. Really masks that 11.2% ABV.


Absolutely lives up to the hype. A remarkable beer. Full-bodied without being overpowering. Complex without being muddled. High ABV without tasting like booze. It’s just delicious. Everything you could ever want in a stout.

Big thanks to Mike for hunting these down today. And use the word ‘hunting,’ very literally. This afternoon, Weiland’s tweeted a series of cryptic messages — each accompanied by a photo — disclosing the location of a bottle of last year’s super rare KBS. Mike managed to find four of them, and was kind enough to share two of them with me. I owe him. Big time.

Rating: 5 out of 5

Spotted: Weiland’s Gourmet Market
  • Style Imperial Stout
  • ABV 11.2
  • IBU 70
  • Origin Michigan

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