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21st Amendment Brewery

Lower de Boom Barelywine

Posted by Mike
2013 batch, from a 8 oz. can, served in a snifter glass
RateBeer: 95Beer Advocate: 87Untappd: 3 caps


Pours a redish brown with a light white head.


Hoppy but really sweet fruit notes and floral aromas. Very fresh hops.


Smooth, almost syrupy mouth feel. Moderate carbonation.


Hoppy and fruity. A nice sweet malty character that you get with most barleywines with the citrus flavors of an IPA


Hey looks at us posting a review. It’s been a while. I just recently moved to a new house and have been living between two places and Kyle’s computer is on the fritz. We will certainly try to bring you more reviews and beer news soon.

As for this beer, it was a nice surprise when Kyle brought this over to my desk for me to give it a try. He and I both have similar feelings of “eh” for this style but this beer was better than expected. Probably from it’s hoppiness. It has a nice fresh fruity flavor with the sweet malty backbone of a barleywine. There is a pretty solid alcohol note in the finish but over all this is probably one of the better Barleywines I’ve had.

Rating: 3 out of 5

Spotted: Weiland’s Gourmet Market
  • Style American Barleywine
  • ABV 11.5
  • IBU 92
  • Origin California

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