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Yellow Brick Pizza

Posted by Kyle

Good Pizza. Good Beer. Good Vibes.

I’m not going to mince words; Yellow Brick is my favorite place in town. I’m there, at minimum, once a week. But if you were to ask me what one thing keeps me coming back, I’d be hard-pressed to find an answer. I could tell you about their great and abundant pizza offerings. Or about their incredible draft selection and seemingly endless (yet super rare) bottle fridge. Or I could tell you about their infinitely captivating Netflix queue. But not one of those things could do YBP justice. The experience there is simply more than the sum of its parts.

Even if Yellow Brick served no beer, they could solely subsist on slinging pies; they’re that good. And if you like options, or seemingly strange concoctions, this is the place for you. The menu offers up six classics (basic to meat lovers to veggie) and 16 signature pies (ranging from Spicy Chicken Corn Chowder to a Boise Surprise and everything in between) plus a weekly-ish — usually off-the-wall — special, featured on the big board (The Latin Lover, above). If that’s not enough variety, you can also choose from seven different sauces, 28 toppings, and a gluten-free option, to create your own. YBP has other items on their menu too — wings, tots, salads, etc. — but to be honest, I haven’t ventured too far beyond the pizza and cheesy bread. When I’ve got a good thing, I usually stick with it. My girlfriend and I have worked our way through almost all the topping and pizza options to arrive at our “usual,” damn near every time we go in.

There to accompany the doughy goodness down your gullet, is Yellow Brick’s bread and butter: their beer menu. As much as YBP could be only a pizza shop, it could be only a beer bar just as easily. Their 16 rotating taps are the main attraction here, changing almost weekly and featuring the everyday to the sublime. If it’s good — or rare — and it’s available in Ohio, chances are they’ve had at least a quarter-barrel of it. Backing up the tap list is a veritable encyclopedia of bottles and cans. Housed in a handy-dandy black book, the bottle list is truly something to behold. If you can’t find a beer you like in their fridge, you probably don’t like beer; there’s regular offerings from Dogfish Head, Evil Twin, Great Divide, Mikkeller, Omnipollo, Stillwater, Stone, the list goes on. From domestic to import, draft to can, as far as I’m concerned, Yellow Brick has one of the top three beer menus around.

Pizza and beer aside, YBP is just the kind of place where you can lose an evening. People-watching looms large with the ever-eclectic clientele, myself included. Local artwork adorns almost every wall for your viewing pleasure. The music they pump through the speakers changes even faster than their draft list, and is even more varied (think Sinatra to Gaga to DMX, all in the span of 10 minutes). And who knows what they’ll be screening on their Netflix queue; could be a BBC nature documentary, could be a 90s classic, could be a sci-fi thriller; you never know. Actually, there is one day of the week you can know what to expect: Twin Peaks Tuesdays. Every Tuesday features an extended happy hour (read: half-off drafts) from 4-8, sometimes a pizza special, sometimes a new keg tapping, but always a chronological run of Twin Peaks episodes.

All this aside, I could get into how the Owner/GM team of Bobby and Faith have lead the charge and helped change the face of the Olde Towne East neighborhood, but that’s a totally different article. All you need to know for now, is that Yellow Brick Pizza is THE place to go if you want good food and great beer in a laid back setting. Hippies, be sure to use the front door.

Yellow Brick Pizza is located at 892 Oak Street in Olde Towne East.
Hours are Mon-Thu 11am–11pm / Fri-Sat 11am–12am / Closed Sundays

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