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Threadless India Pale Ale

Posted by Kyle
2012 batch, from a 16 oz. can, served in a pint glass
RateBeer: 90 / Beer Advocate: 80 / Untappd: 4 caps


Golden yellow; standard IPA color. Thin, off-white head. Fair lacing.


Slight musty aroma mixed with hop florals. Some bready yeastiness.


On the heavier side of medium. Moderate carbonation.


Nice bready malt flavor up front, solid hop finish. Some of the yeast from the aroma comes through near the end as well.


It’s a good IPA. Slightly above average. But it doesn’t knock my socks off. The yeastiness is a slight issue, as with the pale and the blonde. There’s a nice crispness to everything, distinct flavors, nice finish. It fits in well with the other two releases, even with the yeast notes notwithstanding. Is there some tweaking to be done? Sure. But it’s a good beer from a new brewery, and the guys behind it have big plans. Keep your eyes peeled.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Spotted: Kroger – Brewery DistrictWeiland’s Gourmet Market
  • Style India Pale Ale
  • ABV 6.0
  • IBU 90
  • Origin Illinois

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