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Cut Throat Pale Ale

Posted by Kyle
2012 batch, from a 16 oz. can, served in a pint glass
RateBeer: 79 / Beer Advocate: 78 / Untappd: 3 caps


Slightly hazy, dark gold, with an orange tint. Moderate off-white head with decent lacing.


Bready citrus with a hop back. Nice balance on the nose.


Medium body with moderate carbonation. Nice, dry finish.


Flavor is slightly weaker than the aroma. The malt comes through a lot more; hops a little less. Yeast plays a prominent role in the finish.


Pretty solid pale ale; nothing extraordinary, but refreshing. The orange peel addition is apparent, and a really nice hop enhancer. Really well-balanced, but the amount of yeast flavor at the end is slightly off-putting. It doesn’t detract from the drinkability of the beer at all, but it’s the only noticeable flavor that doesn’t seem to belong. I’ve had this beer a handful of times before without any yeasty finish, which makes me think the issue is isolated to this batch. Regardless, Cut Throat is a good beer from a new brewery, and a great sign of things to come for the the midwestern craft beer scene.

Rating: 3 out of 5

Spotted: Kroger – Brewery DistrictWeiland’s Gourmet Market
  • Style American Pale Ale
  • ABV 5.6
  • IBU 40
  • Origin Illinois

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