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Nano Brew Cleveland

Posted by Kyle

The Three Bs — Beers, Burgers, Bikes

Sam McNulty has to be a busy guy these days, what with owning and operating five bars/restaurants on Cleveland’s West Side. Luckily for him and his team, they’re all within 500 feet of each other; Ohio City’s section of W. 25th is home to Market Garden Brewery, Speakeasy, Bar Cento, Bier Markt, and the newest addition, Nano Brew.

On the surface, Nano Brew is pretty simple: a bicycle-centric beer bar that serves locally-sourced burgers. When you look a little deeper, though, it’s probably the smartest arm of the McNulty empire. With a one-barrel pilot brew system located in the rear of the bar, Nano serves as a laboratory and proving ground for Market Garden brewmaster Andy Tveekrem. Not only does he have a chance to tinker and toil on a smaller scale with little to no risk, he can get public feedback when he puts those smaller batches on draft. And if something hits, it has the chance to hit big. Successes are likely to be reborn down the block at Market Garden’s full-scale production facility.

In addition to their own brews — of which there were two when I visited — Nano offers an impeccably curated draft selection. Breckenridge, Dogfish Head, New Holland, Sixpoint. Just a sampling from the draft list. There are 24 taps in all, everything available both inside and out, at the patio bar.

If the two Nano drafts were any indication of where things are headed, we should expect great things. The InCOGnito Dark IPA was aptly named; not quite black, the beer had curious hints of dark fruit up front, and finished with very traditional English Noble flavors. The Namber Ale wasn’t quite as strong — in ABV or character — but was interesting enough, with a hearty hop beginning and complex malt ending.

Did the beers live up to the “experimental” nature I had expected based on pre-opening press? No. But they were solid, and Nano Brew is only in their second week of operation. I fully expect that as Tveekrem gets settled in, the beers will become more complex and exploratory. And if Sam McNulty’s track record is any indication, Nano Brew will become the next landmark in a veritable murderers row of craft beer joints on Cleveland’s W. 25th.

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  1. < Andrew Sellers September 18, 2012 at 8:46 pm

    Stoked to try Nano Brew. Im a big fan of Bier Market so I’m sure this will be great.

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