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Green Flash Brewing Co.

Double Stout

Posted by Kyle

2012 batch, from a 12 oz. bottle, served in a pint glass
RateBeer: 99 / Beer Advocate: 91 / Untappd: 4 caps


Opaque abyss brown with a khaki head. Not much lacing.


Cocoa, coffee, oats. Lots of full, roasted character.


Big, bold, dark flavors. Abundant chocolate notes.


Really smooth with a bit of a tingle at the very end.


I’ve had some serious stout cravings lately since the weather started to turn, and this one hits on all cylinders. It’s a big beer, in every way, and the word ‘balanced’ doesn’t belong anywhere near it. It’s a celebration of dark, roasted malts and the flavor profiles that come with them. Those flavors really start to expand once the beer warms up a bit, too, allowing the more subtle, cocoa notes and a great dryness to come through. The end is absolutely incredible; bitter, dark chocolate with no hint of alcohol. I’ll probably end up waiting to enjoy the other three bottles until winter hits and this beer becomes a full-body warmer.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Spotted: Grandview Carryout
  • Style Imperial Stout
  • ABV 8.8
  • IBU 70
  • Origin California

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