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Sorachi Ace Saison

Posted by Mike

Although the Summer is winding down, two weeks ago I took the opportunity to use some new brewing equipment to brew a Brooklyn Sorachi Ace inspired Saison.


  • 10lb Pilsen Malt
  • 1lb Vienna Malt


  • .75lb Honey (1 min)


  • 1oz Sorachi Ace (First Wort Hops? why not right?)
  • 1oz Sorachi Ace (30 min)
  • 1oz Sorachi Ace (1 min)


  • White Labs Saison Yeast III


  • 1 hour Sacch Rest at 150 F
  • 1 week primary
  • 1 week secondary
  • 2 weeks bottle conditioning

I’m still a little new to homebrewing. This was my 4th all-grain attempt and the first time I have successfully used my mash tun and sparged. The first time Kyle and I made a double IPA that clogged my makeshift false bottom in my converted 5 gallon water cooler. Armed with a shiny new false bottom and 21 inch spoon from Northern Brewer, this brew session went as well as I could have hoped.

According to iBrewMaster this recipe will put the beer close to 39 IBU which is a bit out of category for a Saison and the Color is going to be a bit light too. My starting gravity was about 1.049 and last week when I transferred to the secondary I was at about 1.004.

I’m able to give a few tasting notes about the beer from the sample I took out for the gravity reading. The first thing I noticed was the strong lemon aroma mixed with the spiciness from the yeast. It wasn’t too bad flavor wise especially for being room temperature. Lots of that lemon flavor comes through at the start and the finish is a clean spice. After the beer has carbed up I’ll revisit it for some tasting notes and probably do a little side by side with the bottle of Sorachi Ace I have in my fridge.

I have 5 ounces of Sorachi Ace hops left and have been considering using it with a future IPA or maybe even a experimental Dark Saison/Black IPA type beer. If you’ve brewed anything using Sorachi Ace I’d love to hear about it.

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